Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creature Comforts From Home II: You'll Have That

The Multiverse is cruel and unfair.

"You'll Have That" Finale, @ Copyright 2014 Wes Molebash
I'm not sure how I came across Wes Molebash's webcomic, You'll Have That, but I really enjoyed it and was sorry to see it come to an end. I'm not sure how to describe it. I read super hero comics, and this was a non-super hero webcomic. I guess I would compare it to Mad About You; Friends - focusing specifically on Monica and Chandler post-finale. It was a rare, unique webcomic that celebrated married life with a daily gag about today's nerd/geek males that read comic books, play video games and guitar; yet know nothing about real sports or car maintenance. I found a lot of common ground with Wes' Andy in You'll Have That. The only difference was geography. Both Wes and Andy are from Ohio. I grew up in Illinois and travelled a little for my career in radio. I grew up reading comic books and played rhythm guitar in a "garage band" that never went anywhere, but sure was fun to do! While I didn't dream about making my mark as a cartoonist like Wes' Andy, I still dream about making my mark as a comic book writer.

1985 Guitar Dave
The picture above is of me a couple years after high school, the summer of '85, when me and my buddies went into a recording studio and recorded seven songs for a demo tape. We had three major songs that we wrote and produced for the demo. A couple instrumentals. The guitar I am playing is home built. My buddy Derrick built it. The wires on the backside were exposed, so every now and again I would get a heckuva jolt in the gut. Ah, good times, good times...

Soul Mates
There was something else about You'll Have That that spoke to me. Just like Monica and Chandler on Friends, Andy and Katie really loved one another. It was funny to see a gag poking fun at either Andy or Katie, but it was fun and touching to see a strip where she saw him as a super-hero for killing a spider or walking her across the street and him picturing her as a vision of loveliness, enraptured and overwhelmed by her natural beauty.

Along for the ride, was Andy's best friend Steve; who was kind of like Selby in the early episodes of Mad About You. Selby apparently didn't test very well with the audience, so the character was dropped in favor of Paul's cousin Ira. What was unique about the strip, was Steve found a girl himself, and the strip added a dimension by focusing on "couplehood".

From start to finish, the strip maintained it's celebration of relationships, marriage, fidelity and faith.

You will find no end to webcomics that push the boundaries of taste, class, values and morals. What I have enjoyed is, no matter what strip Wes moved on to from You'll Have That, it was more grounded in Mayberry than in Jersey Shore. I felt good reading the strip. Reading You'll Have That was like reading a Love Is... newspaper comic strip.

The reason I feel that the Multiverse is cruel and unfair is that a guy like Wes Molebash - just like my friend Bill Halliar - should be creating regular monthly comic books. If Art Balthazar and Franco can create great comics, then so can Wes and Bill.

The reason I call my blog Earth-Dave, is that we all create our own personal universe. DC and Marvel have an infinite number of universes filled to bursting with innumerable characters. On Earth-Dave, You'll Have That never ended. Even though they are characters in a webcomic, Andy and Katie are still having happily married adventures full of wacky hijinks.

You'll Have That signed limited-edition comic!
I brought Volumes 1 and 2 and my signed, limited-edition You'll Have That comic book, with a very nice sketch included on our trip to Kiev to bring home our daughter, Masha, because on these trips, my wife, Cathy, and I have had a chance to spend some quality time together enjoying each other's company...And getting on each other's nerves. The two of us have an opportunity to re-connect and bond with one another as we are developing a bond with our kids - each one, one at a time. This is our third and probably final trip to Kiev - or anywhere - to adopt. From this point on we'll be spending quality time as a family of five, with a few moments for ourselves here and there.

That might make an interesting webcomic...

You'll Have That is one of my creature comforts from home that I've brought to enjoy re-reading for a good laugh.

Thanks, Wes!

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